Category: Action

Ben 10 has just come back with the brand-new task. What is it? It is about Ultimatrix Unleashed. The task requests you to infiltrate deep into a secret organization where stolen pi [...]
Have ever heard about Double Edged – a fighting game for those who love the feelings of becoming real knights? If it is your case, make no hesitation to enter the playfield now! Th [...]
The best land to check whether or not you are excellent enough to become the best fighter of the world is to settle in The King Of Fighters Vs Dnf! The action game tells about a bi [...]
The hit sequel to Infectonator comes back with its innovation, namely Infectonator 2. Seize, discover its new features, and see how awesome its challenges are, dear guys! Come on! [...]
In Crazy Zombie V3.0, the human's city has just got the shocking news. A large number of zombies are coming in flock towards buildings, killing everyone and devastating everything. [...]
After getting access to Superfighters, every player can hear about a thrilling story. That is all about a spy whose mission is to unearth mysterious weapons of terrorists by deeply [...]
Swords And Sandals – Gladiator does impress its participants by an ancient life-and-death competition. Only the winner has a chance to survive! More interestingly, you're chosen as [...]
In the universe, there are 4 important elements – Air, Water, Fire, and Earth! Now, jump into Avatar Arena to learn how to control them. Also, an enormous war here is waiting for y [...]
Hey guys! Hear what? Your best-loved game – Crush The Castle 2 – has returned with a new appearance! Take a look at it; otherwise, you shall be regret. As the strategy game, player [...]
If you think you can overcome all challenges well, play Knightmare Tower to prove that, guys. In this game, many terrible monsters came to a village and kidnapped all innocent peop [...]
How many times have you ever won in fighting or action games? Have you ever gained any noble title? If yes, you should try playing King Of Fighters V 1.3 to prove whatever you have [...]
An excellent spy – Andy is performing a hard mission. Want to help him complete it soon, my dear friends? Play Crazy Flasher 5: Andy Law to see how tough the mission is. This time, [...]
A big battle is taking place in a beautiful world. Come to assist your character to kill all enemies and set up the peace back to the world now, my dear friends. Explore Contra Fla [...]
Everywhere of a village is sunk in blood. Hurry up to become a superhero and kill all zombies to help villagers enjoy a happy life they deserve to get it, guys. Play Tequila Zombie [...]

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